Mauro Martinez's Debut Show 'Big Mood' at Unit London

An exciting exhibition about the 'Cursed images'

Image from Instagram @ztm_oruam


Aug 24, 2020

By Saint Maison Team

Mauro Martinez has announced his first solo show with the Unit London, opening from the 2nd September until the 29th. Don't Miss it if you live in London!

3 Hanover Square

Mayfair, W1S 1HD

London, UK

"Big Mood, Mauro Martinez’s eagerly anticipated debut show with Unit London, centres around the phenomenon of ‘cursed imagery’. A concept born on Tumblr in 2016, ‘cursed images’ are ostensibly mundane images that are lent significance by unnerving content and/or poor picture quality. 'Cursed images' are primarily the work of 'Zoomers' (a coining of the term ‘Boomer’ for Generation Z). Members of this digitally literate generation are voicing their social apathy by creating unsettling images that often critique well respected societal institutions. As Martinez’s work has traditionally engaged with notions of meme culture and content censorship - delving into our contemporary relationship with the image - this shift towards 'cursed imagery' is a perfectly natural progression, one that takes the work to a darker corner of the internet. " - Text from Unit London Website

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An exciting exhibition about the 'Cursed images'
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