Open Call FAQ

Are there any fees and charges?

No, there are no fees from the beginning to the end and beyond.

Who are qualified to submit?

Absolutely everyone from everywhere.

How many artworks can we submit?

As many as you wish.

Does the submitted artwork have to be available for purchase?

No, you can submit sold / unavailable artworks as longs as the pieces are created by you. All we need is the high resolution images of the artworks.

If I submitted in the last Open Call, can we still submit in this one?

Of corse yes.

Will the prints be available for sale?

Yes, unless the artist inform us not to do so.

Can I submit works that are on show right now? or been showcased before?

Yes, absolutely. 

Can we submit old artworks?

Yes, but the post on instagram need to be new.

If I don't have/use Instagram, Can I still submit?

No, unfortunately not.

Can i submit photos of sculpture and installation art?

No, only two dimensional artworks will be considered.

When exactly is the deadline?

April 20th 2020 – 12PM

What if my instagram account is private?

We wont be able to see the posts.

Can I DM you the artworks instead?

To be entirely fair to all the participants, we will not be accepting submission through DM.